TEACH CT - The Education Association of Christian Homeschoolers




Sometimes we are asked why TEACH CT is discussing an issue that is not, at first glance, directly related to homeschooling. The mission of TEACH CT is to support the freedom of parents “to embrace their God-given responsibility to disciple their children through Christ-centered, parent-directed, home education.”

Christian homeschool freedom relies on the two pillars of religious freedom and parental rights. Encroachment on either of those freedoms can eventually impact Christian homeschool families.

Increasingly we are seeing inroads and assaults on religious freedom and parental rights. Sometimes it is clear that it could affect homeschoolers. For example, removal of the religious exemption for vaccination could impact homeschoolers attending summer day camps or community colleges.

At other times, there is not currently a direct link. Consider the changes happening in public schools. Public school used to be one brick and mortar building that housed anyone not in private school or in homeschooling. Now we see magnet schools, charter schools, online schools, and hybrids. As the distinctions become fuzzier, there is a greater potential for homeschoolers to be impacted.

We at TEACH CT monitor policy and legislative trends for any threats to the pillars that support us. Threats that are tangential are often best handled by other advocates, although in rare cases, we will voice our position.

It is becoming increasingly important that you- Christian homeschool families- develop a working knowledge of the issues we are watching outside the traditional realm of “homeschool regulation.” This way, if we issue an alert, you will understand why we are reacting outside our traditional wheelhouse. To that end, we are beginning a blog on the TEACH CT website to familiarize you with the issues… before they become problems. We hope you will be edified and strengthened as a result.