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Special Needs

Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities

Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities has started local chapters in parts of Connecticut that serve to educate, guide, and inspire parents of children with learning disabilities and ADHD at the community level. The primary functions of a chapter include increasing awareness, creating a family support network, producing educational programs to help parents become effective advocates for their children, and raising funds for local and national events and programs. Check website for local chapters.

Serves:  Current Chapters: Hartford, Greenwich, Northern Fairfield County, and Westport/Farifield.
Contact: Alison Brown - 
Website: www.smartkidswithld.org/local-chapters/

Special Needs Consultation

Theresa Lynch is a retired home educator with over 30 years of experience home educating (including learning how to educate her special needs son) and teaching in the public sector. She is a certified Reading/Language Arts Consultant and Elementary Educator offering professional (and compassionate) consulting, tutoring, and/or literacy testing to help parents develop the BEST learning life for their child.

Serves:    Entire state

SPED Homeschool

National nonprofit providing support, resources and encouragement to the special education community.

Website:   www.spedhomeschool.com
FB Group: www.facebook.com/groups/spedhomeschoolsupport/
Online Community- General [a different social app than facebook] https://spedhomeschool.com/support-tribes/
Online Community Northeast [link to sign up for the Northeast online community]: https://app.thejump.com/jump?jumpID=48143&_branch_match_id=748734140075414227

Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA)
Resources for Special Needs

HSLDA offers help for parents who want to homeschool special needs children and struggling learners. Parents are often made to feel that they need to have their children taught by a professional in order for them to overcome challenges and reach their potential. However, HSLDA has found that with literature, teaching aids, and enlisting the help of professionals such as speech or physical therapy, any parent who desires to help their child learn can do a much better job than any school could do. Hundreds of parents who now homeschool their special needs children can testify that it works. Find out what help is available at the HSLDA website.

NOTE: Some services, such as phone consultation, require HSLDA membership. If you are a member of HSLDA, please call 540-338-5600 or email one of HSLDA’s special needs consultants.  If you are not a member of HSLDA, we recommend that you first consider becoming a TEACH member so that you can benefit from HSLDA’s group member discount. Join HSLDA Online or download a Printable Application.

Sizzle Bop! Blog

A blog by author and speaker, Carol Barnier, where highly distractible people are celebrated, encouraged, and empowered.

Website:   sizzlebop.com