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Homeschooling In Connecticut

Homeschooling is legal in all 50 of the United States, although the laws governing homeschooling differ from state to state.  In Connecticut there are two main docu- ments related to homeschooling:

The Law – CT General Statute 10-184  This deals with Compulsory Education and Compulsory Attendance and mandates that parents have the primary responsibility to care for and instruct their children, unless they arrange for someone else (such as a school) to provide such instruction.

The “Guidelines” – C-14 Guidelines  These provide suggested procedures for Home Instruction in Connecticut. These guidelines do not carry the force of law.  There is no specific statute governing homeschooling in Connecticut, only suggested Guidelines, which as noted are not law. The language in the Guidelines can be at times both vague and contradictory, leading to occasional inconsistencies in interpretation from one school district to another. The following are some notes and explanations, which we hope will clarify your understanding of how these two documents work together and support your right to homeschool with confidence in Connecticut.

We encourage you to click on both documents above and read through them in their entirety before proceeding.

You’ve decided to homeschool - that’s wonderful news!

If you are planning to homeschool in Connecticut, how you proceed will depend in part on the following:

1) The age of your child.
2) Whether your child is currently, or was recently, enrolled in a public school.


Legal Disclaimer: This information is provided by TEACH-CT. Nothing herein should be construed as the giving of legal advice. For legal advice we recommend you consult an attorney who specializes in homeschool law.

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