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Outcome of the April 26th "Informational Forum"



Ambushed! We were prepared to speak at a forum about Homeschooling Networking and Communication with State Agencies, but were met with a 28 page report that the State Child Advocate prepared in advance and apparently shared with the Hartford Courant in enough time for them to write their hit piece on homeschooling. “Hundreds of Connecticut Children Home Schooled in Households Where Abuse, Neglect Suspected”.  Our friends at HSLDA have written a reply that addresses the many inaccuracies of the Advocate’s report: “Numbers Don’t Lie”  An in-depth report of the event can be found here:Connecticut Scapegoats Homeschoolers.


Studies have shown that additional regulation does not improve academic achievement. Academic Achievement and Demographic Traits of Homeschool Students.   Nor does it protect from abuse.  Degree of Regulation No Relationship to Abuse  See also Connecticut Child Advocate assertions conflict with research evidence.
A US Dept of HHS published a study showing that what reduces child fatalities is a deep analysis of existing caseload for risk factors, and communication with state agencies. Homeschooling was not mentioned. Within Our Reach A National Strategy to Eliminate Child Abuse and Neglect Fatalities 


Connecticut is failing to protect its children, but it wants to look at homeschooling because it’s easier than accepting responsibility and doing the hard work.  Tell them to look elsewhere!

Below is TEACH’s original Alert notifying homeschooling families about the Forum:


Your Presence is needed at the Capitol!


The Children’s Committee Co-Chair, Diana Urban has elected to hold an information forum titled: 
“Homeschooling Networking and Communication with State Agencies”
 (changed from an earlier title)


Thurs. April 26, 10:00 - 12:30 in Rm 1B of the Legislative Office Building.

Speaking is by invitation only (this is NOT a public hearing).

However, the event is open to the public and we strongly encourage anyone who has a present or future interest in protecting parental rights and homeschool freedom in Connecticut to come and hear directly what is being said!

Those invited to speak include:
  • The Commissioner of DCF, Joette Katz
  • State Child Advocate, Sarah Eagan
  • Legal Advisor for Department of Education, Peter Haberlandt
  • Superintendent of Hartford Public Schools, Leslie Torres Rodriguez
  • As well as representatives from:TEACH-CT, HSLDA, NHELD and CHN

The Forum will take place less than two weeks before this year’s legislative session ends on May 9, which leaves ample time to enter possible regulation language into a shell bill or an amendment.

We are NOT asking you to contact your legislators at this point. If we see a bill proposed on the floor, we will contact you immediately. Please watch your inbox for any follow-up communication.

We ARE asking you to attend the forum. Whether you are a homeschooled graduate, currently homeschooling, or retired homeschooler - or just someone who has an interest in protecting the right of parents to direct the education an upbringing of their children - your presence is extremely important!

Please BE READY to call your representatives if we ask. Find them HERE

Please PRAY! We need God’s hand of protection over our country and our freedom to direct the education and hearts of our children. Pray for wisdom and courage for our veteran homeschool leaders as they work to support and defend home education, and pray that God would raise up younger families with a vision to continue this vital work into the future.

Thank You, and God Bless You and your family,

The TEACH Board