TEACH CT - The Education Association of Christian Homeschoolers

TEACH CT Opposes ESAs for Homeschoolers

What are ESAs?  A voucher by another name.

ESAs are Education Savings Accounts.  They are not Coverdell accounts or 529 plans, which allow taxpayers to save their own money for education expenses while receiving some tax benefit.  ESAs are funded by the state, using state funds.  Parents who use them are given access with something like a debit card.  This is often what is meant by the term “School Choice”.  We already have school choice in Connecticut - that’s why you’re here!  But keep reading…

But isn’t it my money?  I’ve paid my taxes!

Once you pay taxes to the government, it’s easier to think of it as the government’s money… the government certainly thinks of it that way.  What the government funds it will regulate. 

TEACH CT opposes ESAs because we oppose additional regulation of homeschooling, which can often lead to infringement of religious liberties.  States that have ESAs or vouchers have seen regulation applied when ESA money is accepted by homeschoolers. 


Watch the video from the link below, produced by our friends in Oklahoma, the Constitutional Home Educators Alliance.  Oklahoma has more options in Connecticut, but the principles remain the same.

School Choice?