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Homeschooling is the default mode of education in Connecticut! Since 1650, parents have had the responsibility to educate their children.  

Connecticut General Statutes Section 10-184 provides that
“All parents and those who have the care of children shall bring them up in some lawful and honest employment and instruct them or cause them to be instructed in reading, writing, spelling, English grammar, geography, arithmetic, and United States history and citizenship, including a study of the town, state, and federal governments….”  

This first sentence is the compulsory education part of the statute.  The remainder of the statute deals with compulsory attendance in public or private school if the parent chooses not to home educate. We recommend that you read and understand the law for yourself.  

The steps you take in beginning home education vary depending on the age of your child and whether or not they are currently enrolled in public school. Find instructions for your situation here. 


TEACH CT has been helping families new to homeschooling since 1990.  We are here to help answer your questions and help you to connect with local resources.


Your TEACH CT membership and donations support the work of a non-profit organization run by a volunteer board of directors and team.  

We also recommend that you join HSLDA: Home School Legal Defense Association.  Your TEACH CT membership will give you a discount when you join HSLDA.  Home School Legal Defense Association members receive legal represenation regarding homeschooling matters for their yearly membership fee, in addition to the many resources they offer.

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