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Tips on Conducting a Portfolio Review

The limited purpose of the portfolio review, according to the Guidelines, is to “determine if instruction in the required courses has been given”. There is to be no evaluation of the student’s academic progress, no review of standardized test results, and no review of curricular materials.  Keeping this in mind…


  • Bring one brief example of each of the required subjects that you indicated you would be teaching on the Notice of Intent, neatly arranged in a folder. For books that were read, list a few examples.

  • Bring your husband, if possible, even if he is not involved in the schooling, and let him speak for the family.

  • Be graciously firm about staying within the limits of the Guidelines – review these ahead of time with your spouse if necessary. After the review is completed you may choose to field other questions “off the record”.


  • Bring your children – this is not show and tell time.

  • Drop the portfolio off ahead of time or allow them to make a copy of it for their records.

  • Bring entire text books, huge reading lists, scope & sequences, lists of field trips or photographs of the children, awards or impressive reports and projects. While it might be tempting to brag, this automatically sets an unwanted precedent for the homeschooler coming behind you.

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