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Invite Your Legislator to Attend Capitol Day

Many legislators are eager for face time with their constituents. However, they are very busy and rarely in their office. It is best to call ahead (to their aide) to see if an appointment to meet can be arranged.

Instructions for Making an Appointment to Meet with Your Legislator

There are two state legislators who represent you in Connecticut:

1)  A Connecticut House Representative

2)  A State Senator

FIND out who they are and get their contact information HERE: www.cga.ct.gov/asp/menu/CGAFindLeg.asp.

CLICK on their name, which brings you to their website and then “contact” - for their phone number. If their phone contact is not easy to find, try the General Switchboard below, or the CT Business & Industry Association (CBIA) www.cbia.com/legislators/ and then “Senate” or “House”. The towns they represent and contact information will be listed below their picture.

General Switchboard:

House Republicans - 800-842-1423 or (860) 240-8700
House Democrats - 800-842-8267 or (860) 240-8585
Senate Republicans - 800-842-1421
Senate Democrats - 800-842-1420

CALL and ask to speak to (or leave a message for) either your House Representative or State Senator, or both and provide your name and town. This is important so that they know you are a constituent! 

SAMPLE MESSAGE “Hi, this is [name], from [town] and I would like to invite [Rep. or Sen. “X”] to meet me at a reception in the North Lobby of the Capitol, on April 5th, between 10 and 12 o’clock. I would like just a few minutes to introduce myself. The reception is hosted by CT Home Educators Capitol Day” (important so that they can find the email or invitation they would have received). “[Representative/Senator X] may have already received an email invitation and/or postcard invitation, but I am extending a personal invitation and hoping for a chance to meet them. Thank you!”

If the aide cannot find the invitation, repeat the date/time/location and ask if they will put it on the calendar, and if they can estimate the time range that would be most likely. If you know that others from your town will be there, mention that too. If you do not get to speak with the aide, leave a message repeating your name, town and phone at the end, and try again in a few days, and/or follow up with an email. Repeat with other legislator.

* Another alternative is to arrange a private meeting in their office in the LOB during or after Capitol Day, or at a coffee shop in your district. TEACH will be providing homeschool information packets to give to legislators at Capitol Day, so that would be a great time for an appointment.


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