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Home Educated and Now Adults by Brian Ray


For decades, critics of homeschooling and homeschoolers themselves, have been asking: “But how will they do in the real world of adulthood?” and “What about socialization?” This unique study looks at the lives of over 7,000 adults from across the United States who were home educated. It addresses the following topics about these adults, a part of the modern homeschool movement: $8.00

  • Are they socially isolated, or involved in their local communities?
  • How civically engaged are they?
  • What are their homeschooling backgrounds?
  • What are their family backgrounds?
  • Do they pursue college or other post-secondary education?
  • What kinds of occupations do they have?
  • What do they think about life, marriage, and future educational plans?
  • Do they homeschool their own children?
  • What are their beliefs and worldviews, religious and philosophical?
  • Are they from a variety of cultural and racial backgrounds? and more…

The Heart of Homeschooling by Chris Klicka

Raising children is hard work. This is news to no one, especially home schooling families. Many are tempted to cut corners or even give up. But there is help and encouragement to be found. The Heart of Home Schooling will focus you on what really matters - “The primary importance of being faithful in the spiritual aspects of our home schooling - not just the academics.”

Chris Klicka presents principles coming primarily from his and his wife Tracy’s own experience training their seven children. Speaking from both his heart and many Scriptural principles, Chris affirms that you do not home school for home schooling’s sake, but for the glory and honor of God. $10.00

Home School Heroes: The Struggle & Triumph of Home Schooling in America by Chris Klicka

Covers the history of the modern homeschool movement, with many stories of God’s faithfulness to homeschool families fighting in court for the right to educate their children. It is a book that can be read by older kids and adults alike to give them an appreciation for all the sacrifices of homeschool families to win the freedom we enjoy today. Home School Heroes concludes with a call to readers to always remain vigilant and active in protecting our precious freedom to teach our children in God’s ways. $15.00

Home Schooling on the Threshold by Dr. Brian Ray (NHERI)

The most comprehensive resource on Home School Research available today! This booklet is designed to answer all the most common questions asked by critics, the media, legislators, and parents on topics of socialization, academics, special-needs children, success as adults, demographic traits of home schoolers, the history of home-based education, and many others. It synthesizes hundreds of studies to date, including nationwide studies through April 1999. (Included in New Homeschoolers Packet). $4.00

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