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Virtual Capitol Day 2020



Yes! We’re transitioning our 2020 Capitol Day event to a virtual effort.

Our annual Homeschool Capitol Day has been growing and this year we had to close registration early to make sure we could accomodate everyone!  We have heard how this event helps homeschoolers feel comfortable meeting their legislators, equips them in building relationships, and teaches civic engagement to their children. Additionally, they are delighted with the beauty of our state Capitol building and its history.

After prayer and discussion, we have decided to offer our Capitol Day, scheduled for Wednesday, March 25, 2020 as a “virtual” event.


Each year when we host Capitol Day, families also reserve time to tour the capitol grounds, including the Capitol building and Legislative Office Building.

You can take a  Virtual Tour of the building via Capitol Tours. 

Scroll down their home page for more tours of the rooms in the Capitol Building, as well as the Concourse and Main Lobby of the Legislative Office Building. 


Everyone has a State Representative and a State Senator. 
You can find yours here.
Legislators care about what their constituents are thinking.  The most effective ways to communicate with your legislators are (in order of impact):

1. Personal meeting.  Although in-person meetings are not possible during the coronavirus outbreak, once life returns to normal, personal meetings- preferably before the session has begun- are the most impactful way of communicating with your legislator. 

2. Phone calls. Phone numbers are available on legislators’ contact pages.

3. Handwritten communication.  Legislators are just like you.  Everyone is interested to receive a hand-addressed and hand-written letter!  It doesn’t need to be lengthy.  Introduce yourself as a constituent.  If you have an opinion on a specific bill, briefly explain your position and ask them to vote for or against the bill. Thank them for their service. Once you have found your legislator, go to their web page and find their contact information where you can mail a letter.

4. Emails.  See your legislators’ contact emails on their web pages.

Enjoy this classic video from Schoolhouse Rock on how a bill becomes a law:

For information specific to Connecticut, view this graphic.

Are you ready for the quiz?  The answer key is here.

A hands-on Actvities Book that you can print and use is available here.

A full-color picture book of the State Capitol and Legislative office building is available here.

Children’s Author, and homeschooling dad, Randall Coe has made his book, “Jack and the Sands of Time” available free as an e-book if accessed on March 25-26!

Access the kindle version here.

Here is are some writing challenge options for homeschooled students.

~ Is there a topic you’re passionate about?  Write a letter to the editor about it and send it to your local newspaper.

~ Be a reporter! Write up some thoughtful questions about a topic that inspires you. Then interview your family members about it.

~ Write a letter to your legislator!  See our comments above for guidance on content and process.

Learn the fascinating history of our current Capitol Building here.

Did you know that our current Capitol Building is not our first?  Connecticut’s first Capitol Building, located on Main Street in Hartford, is known as The Old State House.  Its history, together with a virtual tour and information is here

Memories from Capitol Day 2019.

Please continue to pray for our leaders and our nation.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this “virtual” event.

We hope to see you at our 2021 CT Home Educators Capitol Day!

Our Capitol Day is not the only event going virtual.  There are also resources developed for parents at homes with their children.  Visit our Virtual Conventions and Resources page for more information!  Learn about virtual convention deals being offered, as well as website and facebook resource pages.