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Revival in the Home Conference: Israel Wayne

How can you have a godly family in the midst of such a worldly culture?

Families in America are under attack. Teenage rebellion, divorce, juvenile delinquency, emotional disorders, and relational dysfunction are way too common, even among church goers. Studies show that the majority of Christian youth abandon the Christian faith sometime around high school graduation. Israel Wayne will provide practical and Biblical answers. Learn how you can effectively disciple your children to know, love and serve God.

CONFERENCE SCHEDULE: The conference will begin with one session Friday night and continue Saturday with four sessions throughout the day. Following this will be a Question and Answer session for those interested in homeschooling. All sessions will run approximately 1 hour. This conference is FREE—but registration is required (click here to register below by October 11, 2017).

7:30 pm     State of the Church Address: How is the
                      Church Doing Passing on the Faith to
                      the Next Generation?

9:00 am     Session 1: Common Toxic Mistakes that Parents Make
10:30 am   Session 2: The Power of Affirmation to Motivate Children
1:00 pm     Session 3: Pitch’n a Fit
2:30 pm     Session 4: Education: Does God Have an Opinion?
4:00 pm     Session 5: Homeschool Q&A

Click here for more information and to register for this conference by October 11, 2017