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Homeschool "Fitting-It-All-In" Online Summit

Homeschool Fitting-It-All-In Summit

FREE Online Webinar - Monday, April 30th - Saturday, May 5th

Each family’s homeschooling journey is unique. But one thing is the same for everyone: overload and overwhelm! Enter the Homeschool Fitting-It-All-In Summit, a free event coming right to you this April 30-May 5 with speaker interview sessions and resources that won’t strangle you into perfection, we promise. However, it WILL bring you Christ-centered help and hope for deciding what matters to your family, creating a workable homeschool plan, and keeping your path centered on the eternal – even when life happens. Get ready for an incredible week – peace is coming soon to your homeschool!

Speakers & Topics include: 

  • How to Bring Your Children to Christ… & Keep Them There - Ray Comfort (Living Waters)
  • Struggling to Fit It All In? Maybe You’ve Got the Wrong Box - Kevin Swanson (Generations)
  • Real Homeschool: Letting Go of Pinterest-Perfect and the Instagram-Ideal Homeschool - Karen DeBeus (Simply Living for Him)
  • Navigating the Journey through the Homeschool Buffet - Israel & Brook Wayne (Family Renewal) 
  • Smooth Homeschool Sailing: Dad’s Role in Charting the Course - Davis Carman (Apologia)
  • What Are The Big Rocks? - Steve Demme (Building Faith Families & Math-U-See)
  • Homeschooling on Empty: Biblical Principles for Relationships and Practical Tips for Home Management - Sharon Fisher (Bob Jones University)
  • How to Create a Plan for Your School Year and Live to Tell About It - Gina Burmeier & Ruth Tennis (Rainbow Resource)
  • Techniques for Multi-Level Schooling - Amy Roberts (Raising Arrows)
  • Charting Your Way Through High School – Testing, Transcripts and All That - Deanne Crawford & Janice Price (Rainbow Resource)
  • Christ at the Center of Every Subject … Including Math! - Katherine Loop (MasterBooks)
  • Attention: Obsessive-Compulsive Perfectionist Control-Freaks, Chill Out! - Rachel Carman (Apologia)

… And many more!

Not only is this a great online conference full of the best homeschool speakers around, but it’s a perfect follow up to the MassHope/TEACH Homeschool Convention (April 26-28)! Take everything you’ve learned at MassHope and “Fit-It-All-In”.

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