TEACH CT - The Education Association of Christian Homeschoolers

Graduation Participation Information

REGISTRATION:  Graduating, homeschooled, high school seniors who wish to participate in the Graduate Recog­nition Ceremony on Saturday, June 10, 2017 must register by May 31st. Each graduate will pay a fee:  $20 for TEACH members and $25 for non-members.  This pay­ment should accompany your Registration Form, which will be available on-line the beginning of April.  To confirm TEACH membership, you may e-mail an inquiry to . 

FAMILY & GUESTS:  The Graduate Recognition and evening concert program are free and open to the public.  There is plenty of seating, so there are no restrictions as to number of guests, and no age criteria; however, we suggest that arrangements be made for children who are unable to sit quietly through a two-hour program.  Please indicate the approximate number of family members/ guests you anticipate attending.

BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION:  Information about the graduate should be included with the registra­tion form, and will be printed in the evening’s program.

SLIDE SHOW:  Over the past few years we have added a short slide show of our graduates during the Graduate Recognition Ceremony.  If you would like your graduate to be included, you will provide 4-5 pictures with your registration form or submit them digitally to TEACH If you would not like to participate in the slideshow, just your graduate’s name will appear during the slideshow presentation.

ATTIRE:  In keeping with the importance of the occasion and its setting in a church, attire should be appropriate—preferably slacks, shirts, and ties for young men, and modest dresses for young women.  Cap and gown are not required, but may be worn if desired (parents are responsible for acquiring these items).

DIPLOMAS:  Each family will furnish its own diploma (if desired), and the parents may present it to their graduate during the program.  Since there is no state requirement on what constitutes a home­school diploma, each family is free to issue their own, and TEACH does not endorse or validate these documents.

SPEECHES:  Each graduate is strongly encouraged to prepare a brief speech (length will be deter­min­ed by TEACH) as an opportunity to express thanks and to encourage other homeschooling families present.

COMMISSIONS TO FEDERAL MILITARY ACADEMIES:  Presentation of commissions to federal mili­tary academies may be made during graduation with prior permission from the TEACH Board of Directors.

SCHOLARSHIPS:  Presentation of scholarships will not be made during graduation.  However, men­tion of them in the graduate biographies is encouraged.

QUESTIONS:  Please e-mail  with questions or for more information.