TEACH CT - The Education Association of Christian Homeschoolers

Capitol Day

Connecticut’s Home Educator’s Capitol Day 
was Tuesday, February 5, 2019. 

Thank you to all who participated to make it a success! 

TEACH believes that Capitol Day is a worthwhile investment, and we would like to see it grow in its impact each year. 

TEACH appreciates the many families who were willing to make the time and effort to come meet our legislators, as well as the young adults and our amazing leadership team who were willing to invest in this vital role of helping to protect homeschool freedoms in CT for future generations.

We are always incorporating the feedback we get to make the next Capitol Day even better. Our focus for 2020 is to increase legislator turn out and to incorporate more interactive civics learning for all ages.

We welcome your input as well as your participation. Please email us at if you have suggestions or would like to be involved with planning Capitol Day 2020. We now have a dynamic leadership team and volunteer roles of all sizes–please consider joining us!

Thank you to all the homeschooled alumni who participated in our “Homeschooling Works” display by sending in their bio. The display was a hit with legislators, and also an encouragement to families who are looking to the future with their younger children! If you missed the deadline for this year, we plan to continue expanding the display, so send us your bio anytime using the formatting guidlines and we will incorporate it next year.

Looking forward to Connecticut Home Educators Capitol Day 2020!

Blessings - The TEACH Board


TEACH -CT would like to thank Classical Conversations and New England Flare for their generous financial support of CT Home Educators Capitol Day.