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Teen Track Workshops

Mike Shrock - Fired Up Youth

Michael Shrock is currently one of the leaders and teachers at Fired Up Youth in Molalla, Oregon, a family youth ministry designed to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the children to their fathers. Fired Up Youth is a conservative valued discipleship group that reaches families from about 35 local churches dealing with topics that are directly related to youth and family. Mike is director of Operation Eternal Impact (OEI), a ministry that equips high school and college age young people to share their faith and make disciples. Mike and Rhonda have been happily married for 29 years, have 4 children, and have home schooled for 18 years.”

Teen Track Workshops with Mike Shrock:

Tinker Toys and God’s Higher Ways
Not only is God the best, but His Ways are the best as well. But, many think of God’s ways as just a bunch of rules to follow. Wrong!!! This session shows through Tinker Toys how His ways are higher ways, better ways, the way to freedom, genuine love, and abundant life. This session shows how to latch onto God’s higher ways by being “transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

When You Feel Like Calling Fire Down from Heaven
Mad? Angry? Ticked off? Or just frustrated? Whatever you call it, it will drive away friends, affect your future marriage, and destroy relationships. No one likes being around a volcano that could erupt at any moment. What are the dangers of anger, the signs of anger, and some  Biblical solutions that will help solve anger issues. How does one deal with an angry person and how do I get rid of these feelings that scream at me?

What You Plant Is What You Get
Where do you want to be in 3 years, 5 years? What you choose today will determine what you can choose tomorrow. Do you want to go to college, but do not study in high school? Do you want God’s blessings, but never read His Word? What do you expect? This session discusses the principles of sowing and reaping, how to make good decisions, and how to get life to grow the things you want.

Givers and Takers, Movers and Shakers
Is life boring or is life abundant? Is your Christian life working for you or is it lifeless? This session discusses a stealth attitude in our culture that is robbing joy and destroying life in teenagers. Learn two principles that will turn boredom to blessing and discontentment to abundant life.

Dell Cook - Worldview Academy

Dell holds two masters degrees (M.Div and ThM) in theology. He has served in several camp ministries around the nation as well as Director of Student Ministries in North Carolina and Florida. He is currently the Headmaster of Cary Christian School in Cary, NC. Before taking that position, Dell was an instructor at CCS in Theology, Apologetics, Church History and Old & New Testament as well as varsity football coach and directer of their Senior Service Practicum. During the summers, Dell travels with his family teaching Worldview Academy students. He, his wife and their three children live in North Carolina.

Teen Track Workshops with Dell Cook:

The Excellent Life
What so “good” about the Good News? Manifesting a biblical worldview leads toward a life that reflects God’s Truth, Goodness, and Beauty. The result is an alluring and captivating “fleshing out” of the Gospel. This talk examines the principles of an Excellent Life, as seen in 1 Peter.

The Nature of God and Man
A worldview is based on the question of the nature of God and man. What are some of the answers to this question and how do they affect how we live?

The Mystery of Godliness
What difference does worship make in how we think and live? Plenty, according to Dell Cook in this lecture. Dell examines the relationship and influence that Sunday has on Monday through Saturday.

Christian Ethics
As a man thinks, so he acts. This topic examines the principles of living well in the midst of a world that doesn’t.

Jay Wile - Berean Builders

Jay Wile learned about his love for chemistry when his dedicated parents bought him his first chemistry set. Many stink bombs and a few explosions later, he was hooked! After graduating from high school, he went to the University of Rochester in upstate New York to study chemistry got a Ph.D. in Nuclear Chemistry. For several years, he did research in the field under the auspices of the Department of Energy and the National Science Foundation. This research led to several grants and many publications. While doing research, Dr. Wile was also an assistant professor of chemistry.

Dr. Wile’s love of science is demonstrated by the many awards he has won for excellence in teaching and research. He has also presented numerous lectures on the topics of Nuclear Chemistry, Christian Apologetics, Homeschooling, and Creation vs. Evolution. He has published 30 articles on these subjects in nationally-recognized, peer-reviewed journals, and has 9 books to his credit, most of which belong to the award-winning “Exploring Creation with” series of junior-high and high-school science courses.

Teen Track Workshop with Jay Wile:

Creation vs Evolution: Religion vs Science or Religion vs Religion?
In this seminar, Dr. Jay L. Wile, a nuclear chemist, shows that the creation versus evolution debate is really a debate between two religions. He shows that from a scientific method point of view, evolution is no more than an unconfirmed hypothesis. This puts it on the same ground as creation, which is also an unconfirmed hypothesis. He then demonstrates that those who believe in evolution have the same essential characteristics as religious believers. In the end, then, he concludes that the whole concept of evolution is a religious one.